We got caught up in the last election, we’re not going to do that anymore

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We regret getting involved in politics last election and have determined that we don’t feel comfortable attempting to meddle in politics. So from now on, we’re not going to get involved. We encourage all of our readers to be personally involved in politics and to go out and vote whenever possible.

Politics is an important issue, but we once again feel like we should move away from it entirely. Moving forward, you won’t see political pieces at Oatboat anymore.

Why we endorsed the President-elect

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As many of you reading this already know, shortly before the election we made an endorsement in the race for the White House. The endorsement was published on October 31, just over a week before the election. That’s cutting it pretty close and that certainly wasn’t intentional.

While the endorsement was important to us, we have never made one before. So it took some finessing and a lot of thought before we were ready to make the endorsement public. That’s our best excuse for why it took so long for us to publish. But please know that the piece was in a draft form for weeks before it was published. This was not a last minute decision.

We endorsed the now President-elect mainly for two reasons. The first is that Hillary Clinton is utterly unqualified to be Commander and Chief. She would have been the most corrupt U.S. president of all time. The second reason was that the President-elect promised change, while Clinton offered more of the same. This was a year for a change candidate, and that’s sure what we got.

What a year to get into the presidential endorsement business, right? Well we hope to continue with our endorsements in important future races throughout the nation.

Changes to our politics section (again)

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We’ve changed around our politics section so much. It’s annoying, we know. This time we’re not changing it so much as deemphasizing it. Though we have a desire to have a politics section at Oatboat, we’ve repeatedly failed to gain much readership in that section.

It’s not that surprising when you think about just how many political news sites there are. But it doesn’t make sense for us to emphasize our politics section when our readers are coming to the site for something else. That’s why we’ve decided it best to tuck our politics section away from the main stage.

In the coming days, you may notice some restructuring of the site to reflect our decision.

We’re looking for writers like you

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Oatboat is currently looking for writers that want to join the Oatboat community. If you like to blog or want to get started, writing at Oatboat is a great way to get started. The best part is that you’ll help grow  the community of writers and readers that makes up our site.

Sound good? Cool, just go here put in your name, email, and short message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions you want answered, our FAQ may be able to help.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Oatboat Community!

Our politics section is back

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Earlier this year we decided to try and detach our politics section from Oatboat and move it to a new, experimental site. That didn’t go over as well as we’d hoped, and are now beginning to bring political pieces back to Oatboat.

Within the next weeks and months, you’ll see a big increase in the amount of political posts on our main site.

We’re finally relaunching the blog

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Awhile ago, we stopped updating the blog. A short time after that, it became altogether inaccessible. We’re fixing that.

So, we used to use some blog software that wasn’t quite finished. Because we did that, we inevitably ran into issues with it. It actually got so bad that we could no longer log in to the backend. We blame this part on the team who created the software.

This next part is all on us. Honestly, no one had time to fix it and it’s not like the blog portion of Oatboat was ever super popular anyways. So we elected to not repair the blog for quite some time.