Why we endorsed the President-elect

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As many of you reading this already know, shortly¬†before the election we made an endorsement in the race for the White House. The endorsement was published on October 31, just over a week before the election. That’s cutting it pretty close and that certainly wasn’t intentional.

While the endorsement was important to us, we have never made one before. So it took some finessing and a lot of thought before we were ready to make the endorsement public. That’s our best excuse for why it took so long for us to publish. But please know that the piece was in a draft form for weeks before it was published. This was not a last minute decision.

We endorsed the now President-elect mainly for¬†two reasons. The first is that Hillary Clinton is utterly unqualified to be Commander and Chief. She would have been the most corrupt U.S. president of all time. The second reason was that the President-elect promised change, while Clinton offered more of the same. This was a year for a change candidate, and that’s sure what we got.

What a year to get into the presidential endorsement business, right? Well we hope to continue with our endorsements in important future races throughout the nation.